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4 Lessons You Can Learn from Sydney Family Law Cases

In Sydney family law cases, there are many precedents, examples, and informative outcomes that can be analysed by lawyers or by those with an interest in this area. Maybe you have a similar case of your own coming up, or simply want to know more about what cases in this area involve. Here are 4 common lessons that you can learn from Sydney family law cases.

#1 Mediation is the Preferred Method

In this particular area, mediation is often strongly encouraged as opposed to going through the court. Sydney family law cases usually involve disputes between partners or relatives, meaning that it is hoped they will be able to sit down and resolve these issues without formal legal interference. A majority of the time, this method is successful and parties can avoid unnecessary time or money spent in court and family matters. Mediation is advised by a legal professional yet is a more informal way of helping people sort through issues like divorce, child custody, property division, and more. 

#2 Individual Situations Are Always Considered

Sydney family law

No two cases are alike when it comes to Sydney family law. Legal professionals understand that every single situation is unique and that individuals will be affected by a multitude of different factors. These circumstances all make a difference when it comes to the outcome of a case. For example, in a division of property case, arrangements will be made to keep one party living securely if the separation will greatly affect their quality of life. If, say, one partner was financially reliant on the other, this would be taken into consideration when dividing property and assets during a separation. 

#3 The Best Interests of a Child are of Paramount Importance

In Sydney family law cases where there is a child involved, their wellbeing will always take precedence. In a divorce or custody case, the court will do what is most likely to keep the child safe and happy. The same is true for parenting agreements or orders. 

#4 Intricacies Can Be Difficult to Navigate

Above all, perhaps the most important lesson you can learn from Sydney family law cases is that the intricacies of each case can be very difficult to navigate. Every single case is different and there are many many factors that affect the outcome. This is why it is vital to employ a legal professional to help you ensure that you follow the right steps and do the right things in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you. 

Sydney family law is a complex legal area that is perhaps the most common area that people may find themselves involved in. Whether you are going through a divorce, dividing property, making parenting arrangements, or seeking advice on domestic violence, it is essential to be familiar with the way in which these processes typically work. We hope these 4 Sydney family law lessons have informed you and have been helpful for your own legal endeavours. 

Family facing a divorce

Here’s All You Need To Know About Divorce Lawyers in Sydney?

Professional divorce lawyers in Sydney often define divorce or dissolution of marriage as a process of bringing a marital union or marriage to an end. In divorce, there is always a need to cancel or reorganize the legal responsibilities and duties of the wedding. Hence, the bond of matrimony two couples share is dissolved by the state’s rule of law. You will always need the help of a trusted divorce lawyer in Sydney to pull through.

What is divorce law? 

There are different variations of divorce law all across the world. Nevertheless, most countries require that there be a sanction of legal authority or court. It always revolves around issues like child custody, distribution of property, spousal support, child access or visitation, child support, parenting time, and division of debt, if there was any. 

What divorce law is not? 

Divorce is not the same as annulment. In an annulment, the marriage is declared void and null. There is a legal process where the couple will form a de facto separation (where both partners stop cohabiting informally) while they are still legally married. This is another reason you need the services of divorce lawyers in Sydney – to put you through and advise you on the best step your marriage needs. 

Why do people divorce? 

trusted divorce lawyer in Sydney helping a couple separate legally

The most crucial point is that divorce does not have to be mutual before you can go ahead. Once a party is uninterested, they can seek legal advice from their divorce lawyers in Sydney and start the process of filing for a divorce. However, people file for divorce for different reasons best known to them. Here are four of the most familiar reasons people divorce; 

  1. Sexual incompatibility 
  2. Not enjoying dependence as one desire
  3. Clash of personality (Addictions and midlife crisis)
  4. Infidelity 

There may be other reasons known to couples, but the above are more frequent than others. Also, some countries like the Vatican City and the Philippines do not allow divorce. The former is an ecclesiastical place with absolutely no divorce proceeding. For the Philippines, divorce is not legal except one of the partners satisfies some conditions like being an undocumented immigrant. 

The role of divorce lawyers in Sydney 

Based on their name, one could wrongly assume that the role of a divorce lawyer is to initiate divorce. You could even take it overboard and think such a professional does not want people to have happy homes and marriages. These are all misconceptions. 

divorce lawyers in Sydney are trained to help you go through divorce because of how complicated the process could be. The strategy comes with many emotions, and a guide is all you need. Your divorce lawyers in Sydney prioritize your happiness over everything and will ensure you do not make the wrong choices during this moment. 

Also, rather than getting overwhelmed by the divorce process, your lawyer can do the bulk of the process while you are occupied with other things. They are experts at such matters and are equipped to put you through. 

The process of divorce is never easy on anyone. You need help, someone to help you through this process. Not a friend or a family, except they are professional divorce lawyers in Sydney. 

Do you need an accredited family law specialist

Do you need an accredited family law specialist?

The primary goal of any accredited family law specialist is to maintain the client’s trust and, more importantly, to keep him or her as a client. So, when a client is divorcing his wife and your firm does not have a accredited family law specialist on hand, what should you do?

Referring a client to a certified family law specialist is the logical next step in a world where legal services are becoming increasingly specialised. A family law process can easily be derailed by an attorney seeking to please their client without the knowledge or skills to pull it off.

The complexities of family law can have far-reaching effects on both the client and the practitioner. If you make a mistake, it may reflect poorly on your business in the future.

Even for those lawyers who are trusted by their clients for their advice in other areas of law, dealing with a divorce or property settlement can be a difficult task.

So, if you don’t want to lose out on their business, isn’t hiring an accredited family law specialist essential?

The importance of specialisation

Accredited family law specialist

Lacking a clear knowledge of the court’s authority to issue certain orders and requesting something for which there is no justification can have serious consequences in family law.

People’s demeanours change dramatically when it comes to relationship breakdowns, even if you’re familiar with your client’s legal issues. Clients frequently come in with preconceived notions and have likely consulted the four Fs, which are Family, Friends, Fools, and Facebook, which seem to be a social focus for those ending a relationship. The most common misconceptions about family law originate from these four areas. Everyone thinks they’re an expert.

With divorce and separation on the table, clients’ emotions are on the verge of boiling over.

Here are a few things that an accredited family law specialist will tell you;

• Don’t burn bridges — The goal is to break up with the ex, so keep in touch throughout the divorce process. Instead of going to war, the ideal scenario is to use mediation or collaborative law.

• Family law issues are unique to each person — No matter how similar two cases may seem, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” strategy in the legal profession.

• Your rights — A shocking level of public misunderstanding and disinformation exists around divorcing spouses’ property and asset split entitlements.

Many people have no idea who has what rights. Many people believe that only married couples are subject to the law, whereas de facto couples are not. In truth, the law is the same for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. We will divide your property as if you were married, despite the fact that the law forbids it.

Another common misconception about divorce settlements is that they all begin with a 50/50 division of assets, though this can change if there are children involved. Quite the contrary, in fact. In some cases, a 50/50 split is achieved; in others, it is not.

Alternative dispute resolution

A good accredited family law specialist should look into collaborative law as an option in the future.

With the help of collaborative law, divorcing couples have more control over how their assets are divided and how their children are treated. Working together, they use polite tactics in order to reach an agreement on the best possible outcome for a family, rather than the courts.

In general, the goal should be to repair people’s lives with the least amount of stress possible and to assist ex-partners in finding new and satisfying relationships.

Family picture and a gavel. Family law concept

Situations Where You Should Utilize Family Lawyers In Melbourne

Family lawyers in Melbourne serve a specific field of the law. They have a particular set of skills which are proven to be immensely useful in certain situations within the legal system. Many people believe that when they are in these situations, they are able to figure it out on their own. However, this often backfires and can cause the issues to take longer to resolve, become more complicated and cost more than needed. Family lawyers in Melbourne are qualified, skilled and experienced in dealing with issues to do with divorce, property settlement, will distribution and disputes, and are trained mediators. They can help to resolve a situation which is emotionally charged by taking a neutral stance and putting forward solutions, before the matter goes to a court of law. If it does, they are able to represent their client before the court and area experienced in how the legal system and the court works in these matters.

Here are some situations where you should utilize family lawyers in Melbourne.


Family lawyer in Melbourne helping a couple on their separation settlement

Divorce rates in the modern age are higher than ever before, with up to 50% of all marriages being dissolved. Because of this, family lawyers in Melbourne are often required. Divorce can be a very emotionally charged situation, and consequently, there are often disputes relating to property settlement, asset distribution and custody of children. Family lawyers in Melbourne are able to act as mediators in the situation to put forward solutions which may work best for both parties. This is done to help resolve the matter before it goes to a court of law which is often much lengthier and costs a lot more. It is a good idea to utilize the services of these types of solicitors, as they have seen it all time and time again and will know how to navigate the legal system as well as mediate in the best way possible for both parties involved.

Will distribution

Will distribution is another situation where disputes will often arise. Will distribution involve the distribution of assets guided by a deceased person’s writing. People will often contend the assets they receive or don’t receive, and as such, family lawyers in Melbourne should be called in to resolve these disputes. There are legal guidelines as to which family members can be left out or should receive assets from a will, and family lawyers in Melbourne will be able to explain these guidelines to correctly distribute assets. This is often a complex situation for all parties involved, and having solicitors who are qualified, skilled and experienced in the legal system is a big help and will help to resolve the situation faster.

Domestic violence cases

Domestic violence cases are a serious topic, and family lawyers in Melbourne should definitely be utilized for them. Getting out of these types of situations can often prove difficult, however it is vital that the victim does. Family lawyers in Melbourne will be able to help the victim get out of these situations and start legal proceedings to get the victim help and away from the perpetrator. Solicitors are not the only people to turn to for help in these situations, as the police should also be involved, however it is good to have their help.

Overall, family lawyers in Melbourne can provide a lot of help for people in certain situations. These would include divorce, will distribution and domestic violence cases. Family lawyers in Melbourne have significant experience, qualifications and skills to help people in these situations, and should definitely be utilized if possible.

Family figure and a gavel. Family law concept

Is It Easy To Find The Best Family Lawyer In Sydney?

How can local community members find the best family lawyer in Sydney? If we were just assessing this search based on face value, it would be as simple as identifying the professional who charges the most money or the operator who makes their name and brand most prominent through media channels.

Just taking one step back from the industry will demonstrate that these metrics are not indicative of overall quality. Men and women are not looking to hire a specialist who makes the most money or enjoys the most acclaim and name recognition. It is the specialist who delivers when it really counts.

We will take stock of the criteria that citizens should apply when looking to hire the best family lawyer in Sydney for their case.

Consider Family Law Subject Area

From divorce and separation settlements to cases of domestic violence, dispute resolutions, matters of parenting and child relocation, there are a number of areas that fall into the category of family law. In order to determine who the best family lawyer in Sydney happens to be, they need to be professionals who demonstrate experience and expertise in these unique fields. There can be some cross-pollination in terms of expertise, but there is peace of mind for constituents who find professionals who have that background as part of their portfolio.

Search For Local Representatives Online

Even if there is a personal referral and reference point with the best family lawyer in Sydney, it is beneficial to run an online search to see how they are reviewed by their peers. Other community members will be happy to publish their feedback about these solicitors, indicating if they are worth the time and money or if they fall short of expectations. From social media hubs and apps to search engines, this information is widely accessible to interested parties.

Connect With Sydney Associations & Affiliates

Male client consulting the best family lawyer in Sydney

There will be legal associations and networks that can provide some assistance when it comes to identifying the best family lawyer in Sydney. They are not in a position to offer a direct recommendation on who to use because that would be a breach of their terms. However, when it comes to validating operating licenses and cross-referencing their credentials, that is something that could be checked under the right conditions.

Talk to Other Community Members

If there is a need to bring up the issue with friends, family members or other trusted sources, they might very well have an opinion on who fits the bill as the best family lawyer in Sydney. That can make the difference for women, men and couples as they detail firsthand experience working with them and attaining quality outcomes. Likewise, they can indicate precisely who not to use if they believed that they were a waste of time and money.

Approach Firms For Consultations

There will be moments where constituents want to decide for themselves who constitutes the best family lawyer in Sydney, empowering them to book in for a consultation and talk to them face-to-face. Trustworthy firms will make these initial talks obligation-free, giving members the chance to opt in or opt out based on those discussions. During these key moments, constituents can develop a gut instinct on their proficiency and transparency.

It can sometimes feel like an exhaustive approach to seek out the best family lawyer in Sydney, but this is an investment that gives women, men and couples the best opportunity to attain a quality outcome. The price can be a sticking point for individuals, but citizens should see what type of packages they offer and on what terms before making a final judgment.

Family law specialist assisting a couple on their pending case

What Qualities Define the Best Family Law Specialists?

Family law can be quite complicated, and you should take the decision of finding the most suitable family law specialists for your family seriously. A lot of things are at stake and the wrong person or firm can make your family’s life quite miserable. To avoid that, you should use a thorough shortlisting process that eliminates anyone who may be prone to making any mistakes. To help you with that, we are sharing some of the most important things to consider when hiring family law specialists. Keep reading to find out more.

A Positive Image in the Community

Communities rely on their members to make sure that they live well, which can be quite helpful when you find the best family law specialists. Ask the people in your community if they are aware of any good lawyers that you can hire to deal with family-related issues. You can get quite a few recommendations and some of the people can even provide you information about how their experience went with a particular firm of family law specialists. This can help you shorten the search process quite a bit and make it easy to find a suitable lawyer without spending too much time.

Positive Online Reviews

This is the easiest method that people have available to them these days if they want to find out how good a particular lawyer is. For all the family law specialists that you are considering, we highly recommend that you look for online reviews for each of them. People love to share their experiences on the internet and if you are lucky, you will certainly find all the information you need, including something that may be closely related to your own cases as well.

Timelines and Resource Allocation

This is the factor that will tell you exactly how good a performance you can expect from the lawyers in your case. You may be considering experienced family law specialists, but they may offer you terms that are not good enough for your specific needs. Always talk about resource allocation with the lawyers and make sure that they are not going to skimp out on providing you prompt responses and prioritized treatment. Getting responses within a reasonable timeframe is what you need to make sure your case does well in court as well.

Checking Personal Compatibility

Family law specialist meeting and handshaking his client

Whenever you choose family law specialists who can represent you, the one thing you cannot ignore is compatibility. If you want to have complete peace of mind, you need to make sure that the person you choose is compatible with you. This is only possible to tell by meeting the person that will be representing your cases. One meeting is more than enough to give you an idea of what a person is like. However, we do recommend talking to them several times before figuring out if they are the right person to represent you or not.

Being Budget Friendly

One thing that we want to clarify here immediately is that we do not mean you should go for the cheapest option. When choosing family law specialists, you need to ensure that you are staying within your financial limits. Set a budget and see what lawyer can meet your requirements while staying within your range. The final decision should be a balance between your budget and quality.

With all the factors shared here, you can easily figure out which Sydney lawyer will suit your family’s needs the best. Be sure to use them wisely and do not ignore any of these factors, and even your own filters if you want to.

Executor of will in NSW going through some papers

What Is An Executor Of Will In NSW

An executor of will in NSW is someone that looks after a deceased person’s estate and makes sure that it gets divided up properly between debtors, taxes, lawyers and those listed in the will. The process of executing a will usually takes no more than a year, but if someone contests the will, it could take longer, depending on how well written the will was and who the beneficiaries and primary caretakers were.

The first thing that an executor of will NSW based do is assess the estate’s value, including the property, home, items in the house, debts, taxes owed to the government, assets, and money in the deceased’s bank accounts. Finding out where all the deceased’s debt is can be relatively tricky, depending on who they owed and how much they owed them. Some debtors will forgive debts simply by just giving the item that was purchased back to them. It is best to hire a lawyer to find the debts and ensure that the proper people get the right amount. This is very likely an emotional time for the executor of will, so pushing as much work as possible off onto a lawyer will make the process a lot easier.

Why is having an Executor of Will in NSW important?

Having an executor of will in NSW makes dividing up the estate more manageable and makes sure that the process is as simple as possible. When dealing with minors, the executor of will in NSW can act as a trustee for many years until the children are of age to receive the estate. This process can take many years, so having someone that you trust and is competent is very important for choosing your executor of will.

Will the Executor of Will in NSW be paid?

Typically, an executor of will does not get paid. However, there can be clauses in the will that allow the executor to get some money out of the estate. There are some items that the executor can take from the estate, if that is permitted.

What is the Process?

Typically, the first part of executing a will is getting all of the documentation and to start planning for the funeral. The funds for the funeral are typically taken out of the estate and are usually the first thing taken out from the estate after lawyers and fees are paid. Some times there are specific requests for the funeral arrangements, and it is up to the executor of will to carry those requests out to the best of their ability. After the funeral, an application of probate must be issued and approved by a judge to proceed with the estate. This probate says that the document of the will is valid and that you may proceed with going through with the will. The legal ramifications can be dire if you don’t follow through with the will in the right way. Hiring legal advice to aid you in executing a will is highly recommended so that you don’t have to face any legal fees or jail time. The will of the deceased can be very confusing and really hard emotionally, especially for those that just lost a loved one, so hiring a lawyer to take care of parts of it will make the process a lot easier.

Going through death is something that no one wants to think about, but is necessary for everyone. Making sure that you have a will, and someone that you trust to execute the will is essential. Going back every couple of years and going through the documents will help ensure that you won’t have any problems after you die.

Divorce papers inside a courtroom

The 3 Traits Of A Well Trained Divorce Lawyer In Sydney

No one in the world wishes to consider the realities of an amicable split, especially when it pertains to dissolving a marriage and potentially a family in the process. This, however, is a reality that we are living in, and when push comes to shove, it’s highly advisable to have a decently trained divorce lawyer in Sydney by your side for the process.

Hiring a solicitor with the necessary experience and understanding of the litigation process is paramount for securing a result that is beneficial and satisfying for you in the long run. The traits of a divorce lawyer in Sydney worth hiring can be boiled down to the points we have collated below.

Here are a few of the traits that separate a typical solicitor from a highly advisable divorce lawyer in Sydney.

1.   Experienced

Of course, the first and foremost trait that separates a typical solicitor from a divorce lawyer in Sydney is their experience in the field. Having a trained eye looking over the litany of documents is an attribute that is highly advisable. A divorce lawyer in Sydney that’s worthwhile will have the knowhow and necessary experience to handle whatever situation that pops up. The experience comes into play quite heavily when dealing with emotionally charged moments in the various stages of your case. To put it bluntly, they’ve been there before and know exactly what to expect and how to react in these unpredictable moments in the case.

The utility of an experienced divorce lawyer in Sydney can also be found in the advice that is given to you throughout proceedings. Having a weighted advisor is priceless when it comes to approaching specifics that relate to settlements and custody aspects of marital law.

2.   Specialised

Couple meeting a trained divorce lawyer in Sydney

The specialty training and focus of a divorce lawyer in Sydney will come to fruition in many ways that are often not expected from the outset. Their experience is one thing, but their specialised training is a whole other ball game altogether. Oftentimes, the various facets of the law are stringent and separate, with a high amount of legislation being passed every year in each facet. A divorce lawyer in Sydney has to maintain a stable and excessive understanding of these changes in the law which could invariably have an impact on your overall case.

This is why it’s highly advisable to go for a divorce lawyer in Sydney in lieu of a standard representative or even yourself. There are simply too many balls in the air to keep track of unless you’re specially trained in the field.

3.   Empathetic

One of the traits that are often overlooked or not as present with other solicitors, is empathy. While this is not strictly a litigious advantage for a divorce lawyer in Sydney, it certainly has its appeal for the undercurrent of the facet of law being taken on. As mentioned earlier, the cases involved in familial law and marriage separations are often emotionally charged and very susceptible to moments that can be emotionally damaging for all parties involved.

Having a sympathetic, understanding, and experienced ear to support you through these moments is not only helpful, but it can also be vital. Decisions made under a stressful situation are not typically well thought out and for cases where settlements and custody are involved can lead to dramatically unfortunate results if decisions are made under these conditions. Having someone in your corner who understands your situation and can help you see through the harsher moments are worth the investment.

These are the main traits of a decent and admirable divorce lawyer in Sydney. Take your time and meet with your prospective representative and best of luck.

Last Will and Testament

Why You Should Become Acquainted With Wills And Estate In Campbelltown Before It Is Too Late To Take Action

Taking action is one of the most important things that people can do in life and is often the thing that is going to help with bringing about change. And if people are wanting massive change in their life, the chances are that they are going to have to take massive action. The only problem with this is that sometimes people may not know what action to take or if they do know, they don’t have the resources in order to complete it.

Sometimes people may feel that they don’t have enough money or others will feel like they don’t have enough time or emotional capacity. Whatever it may be, sometimes people will have to find these resources because there may be consequences if they decide to put action off until later.  To try to help people best avoid any regret down the track, this post is dedicated to why you should become acquainted with wills and estate in Campbelltown before it is too late to take action

You should become acquainted with wills and estate in Campbelltown before it is too late to take action because sometimes there is a statute of limitations

Wills and estate in Campbelltown lawyer and a client

You should become acquainted with wills and estate in Campbelltown before it is too late to take action because sometimes there is a statute of limitations. A statute of limitations is the maximum period of time which can elapse from the time a cause of action arises until you commence court proceedings. This means that people cannot feel that there is something wrong with legal documentation and wishes and they then decide to take action many years down the track.

Not only is there the statute of limitations to think about but people must also realise that they longer that they leave the issue, the less likely it is that things are going to work out in their favour. As time goes on, memories fade, people move away, documentation goes missing, and all of this makes it really hard to achieve the best outcome. Be this as it may, when it comes to a matter such as this one, it is important that people take action as fast as they possibly can even if they don’t have the resources.

You should become acquainted with wills and estate in Campbelltown before it is too late to take action so that you know what options are available to you

You should become acquainted with wills and estate in Campbelltown before it is too late to take action so that you know what options are available to you. As mentioned above, there are many people out there who don’t take action because they are not sure what action is best for them to take. And often this is because there may be dealing with a scenario that they have never dealt with before and they do not know anyone who has dealt with it either.

And when this is the case people will have to familiarise themselves with the subject so that they can know what action they can take and what kind of resources they will need to gather in order to achieve this. And once people have this knowledge, they may less afraid to take action because they have some professional legal advice behind them and because they are more acquainted with this area of knowledge. And this means they don’t have to wake up years down the track feeling regret that they didn’t do what was right.

Divorce lawyer in Sydney mediating a couple

How a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney Will Develop a Plan For Their Clients

The use of a divorce lawyer in Sydney will be essential for adults who want to protect their interests following a relationship breakdown. In order to look after child custody, property rights and access to financial accounts, it is beneficial to have an experienced and skilled practitioner on hand to strategically plan the case moving forward. Although their work might appear relatively straightforward, there is a tried and trusted process that will allow a divorce lawyer in Sydney to perform for men and women of all backgrounds, giving these individuals confidence in their service.

Book Consultation Dates

The only way for a reliable divorce lawyer in Sydney to glean essential information on the case is to tap into regular consultations. This is a means of opening up a dialogue to outline what events have taken place, what the individual wants from the outcome and how soon or otherwise they would like the matter to proceed. It is a key part of the planning phase for solicitors, helping them to set out an official agenda where consistent communication is instigated. In essence, this is a formal partnership that requires consistent dialogue and it is the foundation of their initial work before third parties get involved.

Define a Financial Policy

In order for a divorce lawyer in Sydney to provide representation to their community members, they have to reach an agreement on the type of financial package that is on offer. Depending on the firm and their level of expertise, not everyone in this industry is deemed affordable. This is where they will showcase their policy that is set to a flat fee, hourly rate, percentage on settlement figure or retainer agreement. If they are able to reduce the financial stress and be affordable for the service, then the rest of the planning can take place.

Outline Willingness of Other Party to Engage

As much as can be achieved from a divorce lawyer in Sydney and their client, it will be the behaviours and actions of the other party that will be the unknown quantity in this equation. This is a key element to the planning phase as the representative has to examine documentation and open a dialogue to see what type of action they want to proceed with. If they are happy to negotiate terms in good faith, that will open up certain pathways while a reluctance will close off those loopholes.

Examine All Legal Avenues

From Plan A and Plan B to other forms of contingencies, it is important for a divorce lawyer in Sydney to explore all legal options that are at the disposal of the client. The most common strategy that is embraced by these specialists is advocating for mediation and dispute resolution. This is a way to empower each spouse to sign off on a document on their own terms without any outside interference. Yet there will still be scope to take the matter to court and allow a judge to reach a conclusion if that is deemed in the best interest of the client.

Offering Ongoing Counsel & Representation

A divorce lawyer in Sydney works at the behest of their client and if they believe that they are in need of further representation beyond the settlement, that is a service that can be provided. Especially when it comes to the arrangement of child custody, of transferring property, accounts, business stocks and other key assets, it can be a challenge to handle these tasks alone. Given their investment in the case and knowledge of the circumstances, they can provide ongoing assistance where possible.