Divorce lawyer in Sydney mediating a couple

How a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney Will Develop a Plan For Their Clients

The use of a divorce lawyer in Sydney will be essential for adults who want to protect their interests following a relationship breakdown. In order to look after child custody, property rights and access to financial accounts, it is beneficial to have an experienced and skilled practitioner on hand to strategically plan the case moving forward. Although their work might appear relatively straightforward, there is a tried and trusted process that will allow a divorce lawyer in Sydney to perform for men and women of all backgrounds, giving these individuals confidence in their service.

Book Consultation Dates

The only way for a reliable divorce lawyer in Sydney to glean essential information on the case is to tap into regular consultations. This is a means of opening up a dialogue to outline what events have taken place, what the individual wants from the outcome and how soon or otherwise they would like the matter to proceed. It is a key part of the planning phase for solicitors, helping them to set out an official agenda where consistent communication is instigated. In essence, this is a formal partnership that requires consistent dialogue and it is the foundation of their initial work before third parties get involved.

Define a Financial Policy

In order for a divorce lawyer in Sydney to provide representation to their community members, they have to reach an agreement on the type of financial package that is on offer. Depending on the firm and their level of expertise, not everyone in this industry is deemed affordable. This is where they will showcase their policy that is set to a flat fee, hourly rate, percentage on settlement figure or retainer agreement. If they are able to reduce the financial stress and be affordable for the service, then the rest of the planning can take place.

Outline Willingness of Other Party to Engage

As much as can be achieved from a divorce lawyer in Sydney and their client, it will be the behaviours and actions of the other party that will be the unknown quantity in this equation. This is a key element to the planning phase as the representative has to examine documentation and open a dialogue to see what type of action they want to proceed with. If they are happy to negotiate terms in good faith, that will open up certain pathways while a reluctance will close off those loopholes.

Examine All Legal Avenues

From Plan A and Plan B to other forms of contingencies, it is important for a divorce lawyer in Sydney to explore all legal options that are at the disposal of the client. The most common strategy that is embraced by these specialists is advocating for mediation and dispute resolution. This is a way to empower each spouse to sign off on a document on their own terms without any outside interference. Yet there will still be scope to take the matter to court and allow a judge to reach a conclusion if that is deemed in the best interest of the client.

Offering Ongoing Counsel & Representation

A divorce lawyer in Sydney works at the behest of their client and if they believe that they are in need of further representation beyond the settlement, that is a service that can be provided. Especially when it comes to the arrangement of child custody, of transferring property, accounts, business stocks and other key assets, it can be a challenge to handle these tasks alone. Given their investment in the case and knowledge of the circumstances, they can provide ongoing assistance where possible.