criminal lawyers in Campbelltown

How to find the best criminal lawyers in Campbelltown

Facing police scrutiny for any offence can be a scary experience for anyone who has to deal with it. Regardless of your guilt, being scrutinised by the law and going through the court system can be overwhelming even for the toughest people, and there’s no shame in reaching out for help in these situations.

For many people in this predicament who live in south-west Sydney, the best thing to do is to seek legal counsel from the best criminal lawyers in Campbelltown. However, the legal industry is very competitive and it can be hard to locate the right solicitor to represent you.

Let’s take a look at some advice for finding the best criminal lawyers in Campbelltown.

Ask friends and family

The logical first place to start is with your friends and loved ones who may have faced police charges before. If you know someone who had a particularly good outcome, then you might consider asking them who their solicitor was, especially if their case was similar to your own.

While this is a good place to start, don’t always rely solely on the opinions of those close to you. You should be as objective as possible when deciding on which criminal lawyers in Campbelltown you want to use.

Don’t just go with a family lawyer because they’ve traditionally represented you; go with the best person for the case!

Search the internet

The next place to start your search is the internet; however you are going to have to filter through a large amount of results. Simply do a Google search for “criminal lawyers Campbelltown” and you’ll be met with hundreds of relevant listings, so you’ll need to qualify your leads a little bit.

Look at the websites of each solicitor/firm and start listing the best candidates. Look for special accreditations that specialise them in defending against police charges and try to find someone who has broad experience defending against your particular type of offence.

For example, if you are being charged with a traffic offence then you would do well to solicit a criminal lawyer in Campbelltown who has experience in that area of the law. While some solicitors are experienced with a broad range of police offences, it never hurts to go with a niche specialist.

While you’re on their websites, make sure to take a look at their reviews and testimonials. Also, take a look at the businesses’ Google reviews as these are where you will likely find bad reviews that might warn you not to go with this particular solicitor.

Interview them

Once you have compiled a shortlist of criminal lawyers in Campbelltown then you then need to start scheduling some interviews. These can be done either in person or over the phone, but you should use this opportunity to see if you can build a rapport with this solicitor and get a sense if they are right for you.

While you don’t need to have intense chemistry to work well with a solicitor, it’s helpful that you at least like and respect one another. Any criminal lawyers in Campbelltown that you hire should be attentive and open to listening to everything you have to say about your case.

The best criminal lawyers in Campbelltown will be unbiased advocates for their clients and are unconcerned with your guilt, only what is provable in the courtroom. They should be direct with you about what they can realistically accomplish for your case and never make promises of total acquittal unless they have the evidence to back it up.

Be cautious of solicitors who promise you everything as it is likely too good to be true. Any reputable criminal lawyer in Campbelltown would be totally honest and upfront about what they foresee for your case and won’t hesitate to give you bad news.