family lawyers

The best traits found in family lawyers

Whether dealing with criminal or civil issues, many people end up requiring the services of a solicitor at some point in their lives. One of the most frequently seen legal experts are family lawyers who primarily deal with issues relating to the breakdown of relationships.

Family lawyers are viewed particularly fondly by people that they have helped get through complex litigious issues relating to a dispute with their former partner. Certainly, these issues are difficult to navigate and require nothing but the best family lawyers in order to tackle them confidently.

If you ever find yourself dealing with a relationship breakdown then you may benefit from seeking legal representation. Let’s take a look at the best traits you can find in a good family law expert lawyer.

Alternate Dispute Resolution and mediation

The legal system in Australia outright encourages disputing parties to settle their differences outside of court in a mutually agreed settlement. This means that the best family lawyers have training and experience in ADR (alternative dispute resolution) as well as mediation so that they can work with an opposing practitioner to reach an amicable agreement.

These are usually the most favourable outcomes following a relationship breakdown as they allow adults to come to a mutual agreement rather than have it arbitrated by a judge. Most of the settlements occurred out of court end up lasting longer with less people changing their minds or feeling disenfranchised.

The best family lawyers understand the reasons for this process and actively encourage their clients to pursue a negotiated settlement even if they want nothing to do with their former partner otherwise.

Unbiased advisor

Good family lawyers will have seen several highly emotional and chaotic cases similar to yours and would have developed some skills in helping clients to cope. Issues relating to relationship breakdowns are obviously quite upsetting to the client and this can cloud their judgement or make them overly vindictive towards their former partner.

It’s up to your solicitor to act as a trusted advisor during these troubling times and to make sure you feel confident with each decision you make. Despite this, they won’t lie to you or tell you what you want to hear, they will give you honest advice based on what’s realistically accomplishable.

This is where family lawyers often end up as pseudo-counsellors for their clients, empathising with them and helping them to see a clear path forward. Many people will come to solicitor feeling totally hopeless and leave the consultation feeling like they have a way to move past this.

Highly experienced

The best family lawyers will have at least a decade of experience under their belt if not several more. Cases in this field tend to be similar to one another giving solicitors plenty of precedent to work with and plenty of research to do in-between litigation.

However, this means that the work style of family lawyers can vary greatly and each approach has its own merits. Part of looking for a representative should involve comparing these work styles and seeing which works best for you.

For example, some family lawyers may give a lot of their research work to legal aids while they work on other parts of the case. Others might do everything themselves and have less opportunity to do research. There’s a trade-off to everything.

Ultimately, there is a wide range of reputable practitioners who each share these standout traits that will make them a valuable ally in your legal journey. Each practitioner has been drawn to this area of practise because they have the inherent talents and interest that helps them and their clients succeed.